Self Defending Networks: Seminar Report with ppt

What is a Self Defending Network?

The self-defending network is the next generation of network security that can enable the network to detect and defend itself against certain attacks. The action taken would be immediate, and the device responsible would be automatically isolated from the network to prevent further damage. 

Self-Defending Networks seminar report ppt

Further, it should not matter how that device is connected to the network either wired or wireless, the protection and response should be the same. The major benefit is immediate and accurate threat response, without any manual intervention. The Self-Defending Network also monitors and protects traffic moving within a corporate network without adding unacceptable latency. 

Self Defending Networks Seminar Report

Download your seminar reports for Self Defending Networks. This topic is one of the newest topics on the emerging technologies in network security. 

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Self Defending Networks PPT

  1. CISCO Self Defending Networks (Download PPT)
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