100 Interesting Fun Topics for Presentations

Fun Topics for Presentations

We have prepared for you a fantastic collection of fun topics for presentation with relevant links to the articles that would help you to make the presentations. A fun presentation can literally be about anything that is interesting for listeners and the presenter. 
fun topics for presentation speech
There would hundreds of interesting topics that are very common in our day-to-day life but haven't ever tried to research to know the facts. Use our top Funny Presentation Topics below just as they are, or get inspired by them to create some of your own. 

Best Funny Presentation Topics

  1. Alcohol and Health: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  2. Ancient Medical Treatments are Still Used Today
  3. Artificial intelligence takeover scenario
  4. Benefits of the shorter school days
  5. Best and worst adverts of the year
  6. Biggest baseball blunders
  7. Biggest Sports Fails of All Time
  8. Bizarre conspiracy theories about famous artists
  9. Bizarre Medical Practices from past
  10. Clever Mind Tricks to Make Customers buy your product
  11. Crazy business ideas that succeeded 
  12. Conspiracy Theories That Actually Turned Out to Be True
  13. Creative ways of cooking the turkey
  14. Dogs look like their owners – it's a scientific fact
  15. Effect of Disney movies on children
  16. Essential Tips for Surviving College Life
  17. Excuses for Missing School / Class (Best and Worst Reasons)
  18.  Excuses for Not Exercising and Solutions 
  19. Excuses That Most People Make to Skip Sports 
  20. Famous Failures Who Will Inspire You To Achieve
  21. Fun facts about famous composers and musicians
  22. Fun Family Activity Ideas to Do Together as A Family
  23. Fun ideas for addressing school bullying 
  24. Craziest Conspiracy Theories That People Actually Believe
  25. Funny and common things Rockstar do on stage
  26. Funny Christmas traditions from around the world
  27. Famous Sayings With Weird Origins
  28. Nostalgic video games of my childhood 
  29. Festive Christmas Tree Ideas to Try This Year
  30. Global Breathtaking Places to Visit
  31. Most Hated Foods That You Should Be Eating
  32. Hiccups: Reasons and How to Stop 
  33. History of Christmas Movies
  34. Historical Events That Haven't Been Explained So Far
  35. How to talk to people you don’t like
  36. AI and the Future of Humans: Concerns and Solutions
  37. Lazy guide to losing weight
  38. Little Things in Life That Make You Happy
  39. Meaningless lyrics of hit songs
  40. No one is completely useless
  41. Online classes: Advantages and Disadvantages
  42. Parents as a friend on Facebook
  43. Rags to Riches: Inspirational Success Stories 
  44. Random Inventions that Made Millions
  45. Rare and Weird Phobias
  46. Should You Study Something You Love
  47. Startup Ideas for young entrepreneurs to Try in 2022
  48.  The Benefits of Online Gaming: How to convince parents?
  49. The Easiest Way to Clean Your Room
  50. The history of tattoo art
  51. The Importance of Family Dinners
  52. The most common cognitive biases that affect how we think
  53. Ten Geniuses Who Were Bad At Math
  54. The negative impact of Holiday Homework
  55. The Hidden Secrets of Successful Gamers
  56. Things to do at a party to seem cool
  57. Things to learn from your pets
  58. Things to take with you if you’re left on a desert island
  59. Things you probably should say on your first date
  60. Things you really shouldn’t say in public
  61. Things you really shouldn’t say on your first date
  62. Time-management tools for dummies 
  63. Traits of a High-Quality Best Friend 
  64. Weird but Real Medical Conditions
  65. Unique and Weird Pets You Can Own
  66. Useful tips for saving money in college
  67. Useless body parts that humans no longer need
  68. Useless things everyone has at their house
  69. Vegan vs. Vegetarian
  70. We only use 10% of our brainpower: myth or reality?
  71. Reasons Shows Have Become Better Than Movies
  72. Fun and Interesting Snake Facts
  73. Weird Sports Around the World You Did Not Know Existed
  74. Weird Ways to Fall Asleep That Actually Work
  75. What if women ruled the world?
  76. What Not to Say to Other People, even if You Mean Well
  77. What would you change if you ruled the world?
  78. Where do stereotypes and biases come from?
  79. Why Companies Should also hire Lazy Employees?
  80. Why do all pop songs sound the same?
  81. Why dogs are human’s best friends – not cats
  82. Why is partying so important?
  83. Why Procrastination Can Be Good for You (PPT)
  84. Words and Phrases to Never Include in a Cover Letter
  85. Worst Advertising Slogans and Taglines
  86. Worst science logic is shown in movies
  87. You Don't Need Goals to be Happy (Article 2)
  88. Your best Guilty pleasures