Software Defined Network (SDN): Report and PPT

Software-defined networking (SDN) is an emerging technology that is considered a flexible, secure, and well-managed network. The fundamental idea behind SDN technology is the separation of the data (forwarding) layer from the control layer. It is a technology that simplifies and centralizes the control of computer networks. In simple terms, it's like having a smart, programmable traffic cop for your network. In traditional networks, the hardware (routers and switches) had fixed rules for how data should be directed. SDN, on the other hand, separates the control plane (deciding where data should go) from the data plane (actually sending data to its destination). 
Software Defined Network SDN ppt
This separation allows network administrators to control and configure the network centrally, rather than having to individually configure each network device. With SDN, you can use software to manage and reconfigure the network, making it more flexible and adaptable to changing needs. It's like having a remote control for your network, allowing you to direct traffic, prioritize certain types of data, and make changes on the fly, all through a centralized software interface. In brief, SDN is a network technology that makes network management more agile, efficient, and responsive by centralizing control and allowing for dynamic configuration, much like a remote control for your network traffic. In the paper, potential network security features of different research works are reviewed, presented, and analysed on network security enhancement in SDN.
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