Embedded System in Automobiles Seminar Report and ppt

Embedded System in Automobiles Seminar Report and ppt
The number of computer-based functions embedded in vehicles has increased significantly in the past two decades. An in-vehicle embedded electronic architecture is a complex distributed system; the development of which is a cooperative work involving different manufacturers and suppliers. There are several key demands in the development process, such as safety requirements, real-time assessment, schedulability, composability, etc. Intensive research is being conducted to address these issues. 
In the recent years, more and more equipment in automotive is changing from mechanical systems to electronic systems. Embedded system is a core of vehicle electronic systems because of its flexibility and versatility. The electronics revolution has influenced almost every aspect of automotive design including the powertrain, fuel combustion, crash protection and the creation of a comfortable cabin and nearly wireless environment. It is necessary to pay more attention to the fields of environments, safety, and security, which are the most significant and challenging field of automotive embedded system design.
Embedded systems, especially in-vehicle embedded systems, are ubiquitously related to our everyday life. The development of embedded systems greatly facilitates the comfort of people’s life, changes our view of things, and has a significant impact on society. On the other hand, even though embedded systems technologies are becoming more and more mature, currently there still exist many challenges in technique and will be more with the ever growing speed and reliability demand from the market. We expect more enlightening researchers in this area.

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