HVDC (High-Voltage Direct Current) ppt

HVDC (High-Voltage Direct Current) ppt
HVDC (high-voltage direct current) is a highly efficient alternative for transmitting large amounts of electricity over long distances and for special purpose applications. Compared to alternating current, the direct current system is less expensive and loses less energy. HVDC can be transmitted through cables both underground and underwater. In today electricity industry, in view of the liberalization and increased effects to conserve the environment,
HVDC solutions have become more desirable for the following reasons:
• Environmental advantages
• Economical (cheapest solution)
• Asynchronous interconnections
• Power flow control
• Added benefits to the transmission (stability, power quality etc.)
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The components that comprise the HVDC system are: the converter station at the transmission and receiving ends, the transmission medium, and the electrodes.
It is quite conceivable that with changed circumstances in the electricity industry, the technological
developments, and environmental considerations, HVDC would be the preferred alternative in many more transmission projects.

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