Smart Grid PPT (Seminar Report)

Smart Grid PPT: What is the Smart Grid?

The Smart Grid is a combination of hardware, management, and reporting software, built atop an intelligent communications infrastructure. In the world of the Smart Grid, consumers and utility companies alike have tools to manage, monitor and respond to energy issues. The flow of electricity from the utility to the consumer becomes a two-way conversation, saving consumers money, energy, delivering more transparency in terms of end-user use, and reducing carbon emissions.
Modernization of the electricity delivery system so that it monitors, protects and automatically optimizes the operation of its interconnected elements – from the central and distributed generator through the high-voltage network and distribution system, to industrial users and building automation systems, to energy storage installations and to end-use consumers and their thermostats, electric vehicles, appliances, and other household devices. The Smart Grid in large sits at the intersection of Energy, IT and Telecommunication Technologies. 

Smart Grid Technology

There are many smart grid definitions, some functional, some technological, and some benefits-oriented. The term smart grid to describe an electric grid, has been in use since at least October 1997, when the article Grids get smart protection and control, by Khoi Vu, Miroslav M. Begovic, and Damir Novosel, was published in the journal "IEEE Computer Applications in Power".
A common element to most definitions is the application of digital processing and communications to the power grid, making data flow and information management center to the smart grid. Various capabilities result from the deeply integrated use of digital technology with power grids, and integration of the new grid information flows into utility processes and systems is one of the key issues in the design of smart grids. Electric utilities now find themselves making three classes of transformations: improvement of infrastructure, called the strong grid in China; addition of the digital layer, which is the essence of the smart grid; and business process transformation, necessary to capitalize on the investments in smart technology. Much of the modernization work that has been going on in electric grid modernization, especially substation and distribution automation, is now included in the general concept of the smart grid, but additional capabilities are evolving as well.
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smart grid ppt seminar report

Advantages of Smart Grid

  • Economic Development: The manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance of the smart grid and its components will create new jobs within the state. o Innovation: Smart grid innovation will enable the growth of the business while rewarding customers with valuable new products.
  • Lower Costs: Costs rise over time and energy is no exception, but the smart grid should provide less costly energy than otherwise would be possible. As such, it will save customers money which can be invested or consumed as they choose. 
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction: The combination of lower costs, improved reliability, and better customer control will raise satisfaction among all types of customers.
  • Improved Reliability: Smart grid will reduce and shorten outages and improve the quality of power.
  • Customer Energy/Cost Savings: As pricing becomes more transparent and is aligned with the underlying economics of generation and distribution, customers’ decisions to save money will benefit society as well.

Disadvantages of Smart Grid

  • Biggest concern: Privacy and Security
  • Some types of meters can be hacked
  • Hackers
    • May gain control of thousands, even millions, of meters
    • Increase or decrease the demand for power
  • Not simply a single component 
  • Various technology components: - software, power generators, system integrators, etc.
  • Expensive in terms of installation
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