World's fastest cars,2014

The Venom GT set a new world speed record for two-seat sports cars by reaching a top speed of 270.49 mph, by racing the high-performance car down the 3.2-mile Kennedy Space Center Space Shuttle landing runway in Cape Canaveral, Florida.
The blistering speed is the fastest recorded time for a two-seat sports car, but because the Venom GT uses a modified chassis and other components from the Lotus Exige — and since only 11 have been produced — the Guinness Book of Records has not recognized the Venom as “the fastest production car.”
“The Venom GT attained a maximum speed of 270.49 mph as measured by our VBOX 3i GPS system,” said Racelogic engineer Joe Lachovsky, according to Hennessy’s release.
The GPS data showed the Venom GT took just 10.1 seconds to accelerate from 260 to 270 mph. The historic run took 2.4 miles to achieve, allowing the Venom just eight-tenths of a mile to stop.
“Thankfully, its Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes were able to haul the car down from 270 mph well before the end of the runway’s 1,000-foot threshold,” the Hennessey team said.
With a top speed of 462 mph, Speed Demon is the world's fastest piston car.This streamliner vehicle has broken several class records at the Bonneville Salt Flats races, and currently holds the wheel-driven land speed record at 439 mph. It is placed in the all-time top echelon of Bonneville cars. However, car owners Ron Main and George Poteet have dreams of taking Speed Demon to speeds over 500 mph. 

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