Box Pushing Technology PDF | PPT

These project reports in pdf explain the box pushing techniques or methods used in Roadways and Railway projects. The intersection of railway track and the road at the same level is referred to as a level crossing. In the urban areas the level crossing is generally monitored by qualified railway personnel who monitor the train movement and close the level crossing gate to stop the interfering road traffic but such closing of gates leads to congestion in road traffic and also causes loss of time to road users. Road under bridge and road over the bridge are considered as solutions for avoiding level crossings of roads and railway track. 
Box Pushing Technology PDF, PPT
There are 3 main methods in the construction of road under the bridge. Box pushing method, Cut and cover method, Rolling technique using RH girder. In these reports, explain the implements, soil friction, effects required, the capacity of jacks and there uses, skew angles and at square angles. The seminar project entitled analysis and design and execution of cross traffic work in railways using box pushing technique (RUB), illustrates about the work to be carried out for the widening of existing roads using box pushing techniques for rail under bridges.

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