Seminar Report on Bio battery

A Bio battery is an energy storing device that is powered by organic compounds. Bio battery generates electricity from renewable fuels (glucose, sucrose, fructose, etc) providing a sustained, on-demand portable power source. This Bio battery seminar report covers Bio battery basics including construction, working, and applications. It mentions Bio-battery advantages and Bio-battery disadvantages.It also mentions types of biobattery.

How does a biobattery work?

bio battery working principle
The above figure depicts the working of the Bio battery
  • The anode is located at the top of the battery and the cathode is located at the bottom of the battery.
  • Bio-Battery is powered by organic compounds, usually being glucose, such as the glucose in human blood.
  • Glucose gets broken into by enzymes into protons(H+) and electrons(e-).
  • Then protons move to the cathode side through the separator and electrons move to the anode side of the biobattery through the mediator.
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