Electronic skin | e-skin | Seminar Report Download

Get the latest Seminar report on Electronic skin technology or e-skin which is a thin electronic material that mimics human skin in one or more ways. Download Abstract, applications, types in PDF and DOC and PPT format for the project report. Specifically, human skin can sense pressure and temperature, stretch, and can heal itself. Electronic skin aims to apply these functions to robotic and health applications.
Electronics play a very important role in developing simple devices used for any purpose. In every field, electronic equipment is required. The best achievement, as well as future example of integrated electronics in the medical field, is Artificial Skin. Researchers have developed "electronic skin" with an organic circuit that can be worn on the human body. It is 10 times thinner than a skin cell and lighter than a feather.
It has many potential uses including monitoring your health, it could be worn as an electronic tattoo or in the future generate a television picture on your hand. It is an ultrathin electronics device that attaches to the skin like a stick-on tattoo which can measure the electrical activity of the heart, brain waves & other vital signals.
Artificial skin is skin grown in a laboratory. It can be used as skin replacement for people who have suffered skin trauma, such as severe burns or skin diseases, or robotic applications. This pdf seminar report focuses on the Electronic Skin (E-Skin) to build a skin work similar to that of the human skin and also it is embedded with several sensations or the sense of touch acting on the skin. This skin is already being stitched together. It consists of millions of embedded electronic measuring devices: thermostats, pressure gauges, pollution detectors, cameras, microphones, glucose sensors, EKGs, electronic holographs. This device would enhance the new technology which is emerging and would greatly increase the usefulness of robotic probes in areas where humans cannot venture.
The sensor could pave the way for an overabundance of new applications that can wirelessly monitor the vitals and body movements of a patient sending information directly to a computer that can log and store data to better assist in future decisions. This seminar report offers an insight view of the internal structure, fabrication process, and different manufacturing processes.