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A Buck-Boost transformer is typically a small single-phase low voltage lighting transformer that can be wired as an autotransformer to provide small voltage corrections for single and three-phase applications.  An autotransformer is a transformer with a direct connection between the primary and secondary and does not act as an isolation transformer.  Autotransformers can also include wider classes of products including buck-boost, dedicated three coil distribution style units, motor starting autotransformers and solar grid-tie transformers.
Buck Boost Transformer PDF seminar report

Buck Boost Transformer working principle

Buck-boost transformers can be used to power low voltage circuits including control, lighting circuits, or applications that require 12, 16, 24, 32 or 48 volts, consistent with the design's secondaries. The transformer is connected to an isolating transformer and the nameplate kVA rating is the transformer’s capacity.
Buck-Boost transformers have two major uses:

1. When field connected as an autotransformer, they can be used to Buck (lower) or Boost (raise)
     available line voltage in the range of 5 to 27% and at a kVA rating many times that listed on the 
     transformer nameplate.

 2. When left as an isolation transformer, they can be used to supply power to low voltage circuits 
     at the nameplate rating.

Applications of Buck-Boost Transformer

If you are using equipment that are of different kVA sizes, so there is a need of such transformers that can provide you with the option of different input/output voltage combinations then buck-boost transformers are the ideal choice for this purpose. One buck-boost transformer removes the need for 75 different transformers because of the versatility it offers in the input/output voltage combinations.
  • In many systems, this transformer acts as an autotransformer.
  • In addition to this, it is also used in the bus system where low voltage supply is required as the device is stored at the end of the bus.
  • It can be also used if the equipment is running at a voltage equal to or greater than the capacity for which it is designed.
  • Where there is a problem known as Brownout in which the voltage demand of the consumer is greater than that being supplied.
  • These are also used in commercial and industrial air conditioning system where there is a requirement to increase the voltage from 208V up to 230-240V.
  • For heating systems and induction motors when requiring voltage adjustment buck-boost transformers are used.
  • Buck Boost Transformers can be used to boost single as well as three phase voltage for which two or three units are required to be installed. The number of wires in the supply line is the deciding factor that how many units should be used. For three phase supply having four wires we require three transformers and in case of three wires, two buck-boost transformers are recommended.
We have provided a basic idea about Buck Boost Transformer on this report. Kindly go through the supported documents to learn more about Buck Boost Transformer working principle and circuit diagrams and connection diagrams.