Zero Energy Building Project Report and PPT

Zero Energy Building Project Report


Essentially a Zero Energy Building is one that generates as much power as it consumes over a given period, usually one year. When it comes to energy generation the main sources today are solar, wind and geothermal. When it comes to energy consumption there is an emphasis on smart building techniques, materials and technologies to minimize heat losses and improve energy efficiency. 
A net zero-energy building (ZEB) is a residential or commercial building with greatly reduced energy needs through efficiency gains such that the balance of energy needs can be supplied with renewable technologies. Despite the excitement over the phrase “zero energy,” we lack a common definition, or even a common understanding, of what it means. In this paper, we use a sample of current generation low-energy buildings to explore the concept of zero energy: what it means, why a clear and measurable definition is needed, and how we have progressed toward the ZEB goal.
The way the zero energy goal is defined affects the choices designers make to achieve this goal and whether they can claim success. The Zero Energy Building definition can emphasize demand-side or supply strategies and whether fuel switching and conversion accounting is appropriate to meet a ZEB goal. Four well-documented definitions—net-zero site energy, net-zero source energy, net-zero energy costs, and net-zero energy emissions—are studied; pluses and minuses of each are discussed. These definitions are applied to a set of low-energy buildings for which extensive energy data are available. The reports show the design impacts of the definition used for ZEB and the large difference between definitions. It also looks at sample utility rate structures and their impact on the zero energy scenarios.
zero energy building project report seminar pdf

Different terminology of Zero Energy Building

There are currently many terms used in the general area of zero energy buildings. Below is a list of some of the more common terms.
  • Low Energy Buildings
  • Ultra Low Energy Buildings
  • Zero Energy Buildings
  • Net Zero Energy Buildings
  • Net Zero Site Energy
  • Net Zero Off-Site Energy
  • Net Zero Source Energy 
  • Net Zero Energy Costs
  • Net Zero Energy Emissions
  • Zero Carbon Building
  • Near Zero Energy Building
  • Zero Emissions House
  • Passive House
  • Plus Energy
  • Hybrid Buildings 
Here we have uploaded the project report for final year seminar. This could be one of the best topics to present in the final year and in the seminar. As these leading-edge case study buildings demonstrate the progress toward achieving ZEB goals in real-world examples. In these paper, a sample of current generation low-energy buildings is used to explore the concept of zero energy. Download these papers to learn so that you could understand the concept and prepare an efficient seminar report for your final year of civil engineering. 

Zero Energy Building Seminar Report and PPT

Studies on Zero Energy Building
Concept Project of Zero Energy Building

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