Seminar Report on Contour Crafting | PDF Journals

Counter Crafting has the potential to revolutionize the construction industry. Download the best documents on this emerging technology. Get the pdf, doc, ppt, and journals to prepare the civil engineering seminar report with examples, case studies, and latest experiments.
Basically, contour crafting is the 3D printing in construction also known as building printing and generally considered as the future of construction. The 3d printing of buildings has more potential advantages in comparison to conventional construction methods. In contour crafting. In the report, we will discuss how automated or robotic construction can solve various problems in the conventional construction methods such as high project costs, low labor efficiency, high at-site accident rates, vanishing skilled workforce, and poor control of construction projects. Rapid Prototyping process technologies are capable of fabricating complex structures and many disciplines like architecture, automobile, and manufacturing industries have been already implemented this process. The report covers various contour crafting machines and their working principles. An experiment on the fabrication of walls of specified dimensions using contour crafting was performed to help in study projects.

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