U Boot Civil Engineering Technology | Seminar Report

This seminar report is about the disposable formwork technology U-boot. Download the latest pdf documents, DOC and research journal with best U Boot ppt to learn in detail about this technology and its scope in India. It is a registered trademark of U-Boot Beton® by Daliform Group SRL, Italy. U-Boot is a voided slab technology which is used to create slabs with large span or that are able to support large loads without beams for many types of buildings and other structures. It is quick and easy to implement. The major advantage of U Boot is that it lowers the concrete and steel cost which makes the project economical. Reduced slab thickness with equal load, no beam pillars and greater architectural freedom are some of the key operational advantages of using U-Boot for the entire structure. It makes the structure earthquake resistant as the reduced building weight lowers the seismic mass. In India Post Tension Services India Pvt. Ltd. (PTSI) has been providing cutting-edge engineering solution in U-Boot Beton® technology. As the construction industry is growing very fast civil engineering students should learn the new economical and d more efficient techniques. All related journal and catalogue can be downloaded from here.
Download Seminar Report on U-Boot Technology