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The latest seminar report for the project describes the working principle and applications of Electronic Nose or E-nose. Download the report with abstract, ppt, and proper circuit diagrams for electronics and communication engineering. The documents cover the challenges of E-nose and possible solutions. Further, the reports also explain the intelligent sensors that are treated with a variety of odor-sensitive biological or chemical materials and the generations of e-nose technology. 
Electronic noses were originally used for quality control applications in the cosmetics, food, and beverage industries. Current applications include detection of odors specific to diseases for medical diagnosis and detection of pollutants and gas leaks for environmental protection. It is one of the emerging technology that has received considerable attention in the field of sensor technology. The E-nose ppt, it explains the Wireless Sensor Networks Based Electronic-nose used for monitoring and improving air quality. We have also uploaded a project on the development of a prototype of a portable and a very low-cost electronic nose for aroma detection based on a Mbed microcontroller.

What is an electronic nose?

An electronic nose is an array of non-specific chemical sensors, controlled and analyzed electronically, which mimics the action of the mammalian nose by recognizing patterns of response to vapors. The sensors used here are conduct metric chemical sensors that change resistance when exposed to vapors. The sensors are not specific to any one vapor; it is in the use of an array of sensors, each with a different sensing medium, that gases and gas mixtures can be identified by the pattern of the response of the array. An electronic nose (e-nose) is a device that identifies the specific components of an odor and analyzes its chemical makeup to identify it. An electronic nose consists of a mechanism for chemical detection, such as an array of electronic sensors, and a mechanism for pattern recognition, such as a neural network. 

Seminar Report  documents on E-Nose

Download Project -A Compact and Low-Cost Electronic Nose for Aroma Detection