Super WiFi pdf | Seminar Report

This seminar report on super wifi describes the potential of the new wireless technology. The topic covers the definition of super wifi, range, frequency, speed, Difference between Wi-Fi and Super WiFi, and how it works. Also, we discussed the successful trials and demonstrations across the globe. Super Wi-Fi was designed by the United States Federal Communication Commission (FCC). The super wifi is based on IEEE 802.11af WLAN and IEEE 802.22 WRAN standards allowing it to propagate signals on UHV and UHF bands within a range of approximately 60 miles from the point of origin at speeds of up to 22 Mbps. The Super Wi-Fi proposal uses the lower-frequency white spaces between television channel frequencies instead of using the 2.4 GHz radio frequency of Wi-Fi. White space radios use the empty TV channels around you to transmit data.

Download the seminar report to learn more about super wifi technology. This is a new promising approach to provide access to the internet to a large rural population in developing countries.