Seminar Report on Fog Computing | PDF | PPT

Fog Computing extends the Cloud Computing paradigm to the edge of the network, thus enabling a new breed of applications and services. The papers for the fog computing seminar report discuss the basic introduction of fog computing, its architecture, the role of fog computing in IoT, and the working of fog computing and network. Also, we observe the difference between cloud computing, fog computing, and edge computing. The pdf and ppt reports are based on research papers on fog computing. Download the Cisco report on this topic which covers Fog computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). Basically, Fog computing helps the cloud to handle the huge two exabytes of data from the Internet of Things which is generated daily.

Advantages of Fog Computing

When the cloud is extended closer to the IoT or the things that generate and act on data benefits the business in the following ways:
1. Greater business swiftness: With the right tools, developers can quickly develop fog applications and deploy them where needed. Machine manufacturers can offer MaaS to their customers. Fog applications program the machine to operate in the way each customer needs.
2. More Secured: Protect your fog nodes using the same policy, controls, and procedures you use in other parts of your IT environment. Use the same physical security and cybersecurity solutions.
3. Deeper insights, with privacy control: Analyze sensitive data locally instead of sending it to the cloud for analysis. Your IT team can monitor and control the devices that collect, analyze, and store data.
4. Lower operating expense: Conserve network bandwidth by processing selected data locally instead of sending it to the cloud for analysis. 

Fog Computing Seminar Report and PPT

Fog Computing seminar report, Cisco fog computing overview PDF document
Fog Computing (Seminar Report)
Fog Computing: Principles, Architectures, and Applications (PDF)
Fog Computing and Its Role in the Internet of Things (PDF)
Fog Computing: A Platform for Internet of Things and Analytics (PDF Report)