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Seminar Topic: Nanoelectronics
Nanoelectronics deals with understanding and exploiting the classification of devices, which have dimensions at the nanometer scale roughly. 1 to 100 nanometers. Seminar report on the emerging nanotechnology in electronics. Download the DOC seminar report, PDF journals and PPT to study the key concepts of Nanoelectronics that may extensively enhance the abilities of electronics devices with reduced weight, better strength and more efficiency.

seminar report on nano electronics pdf ppt
The term Nano is occupying a remarkable place in modern technology. Microelectronics will evolve into nano-electronic. In reality, this has already befallen as may be seen from the smallest functional size of today's integrated circuits, that is below one micrometer. It's miles presently believed that optical lithography may be used for floor rules down to 150 nm and might even be used for the one hundred nm era and underneath. This would imply a growing system and masks complexity, and consequently, increase the cost. Some of the nanoelectronics areas under development, which you can explore in more detail by downloading the seminar report. 
The DOC and PDF seminar report explains the electronics obtained through the bottom-up approach  bottom and tops down. The seminar report presents a brief summary of bottom-up and hybrid bottom-up/top-down strategies for nanoelectronics with an emphasis on memories based on the crossbar motif. The cylindrical carbon molecules of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs)  have unusual properties, which are valuable for nanotechnology, electronics, optics and other fields of materials science and technology. Because of the symmetry and unique electronic structure of Graphene, the structure of a nanotube strongly affects its electrical properties. The seminar report also explains the fabrication of Si Nanodots. Silicon dioxide nanowires were formed by selective removal of the polysilicon using reactive ion etching. The seminar report concludes that the  Nanoelectronics is flourishing its manufacturing day by day scientists are exploring new characteristics of natural resources with the help of nanoelectronics. Smallest featured integrated circuit chip which is further inserted into robots are the inventions of nanoelectronics.
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