Download Seminar Report on Optical Ethernet | PDF | PPT

The report on the seminar topic Optical Ethernet discusses the fundamentals and techniques that make Optical Ethernet a fast, simple, and reliable network. It is also called Gigabit Fiber Ethernets. This seminar report provides an analysis of the Gigabit Ethernet technologies (1 Gb and 10 Gb Ethernet), which we will refer to as “Optical Ethernet.” 
The seminar report discusses Optical Ethernet network architectures and capabilities, emerging EtherLEC carrier activity, and an overview of related (competitive and synergistic) technologies. Optical Ethernet systems are evolving beyond mere “optical links” that interconnect isolated LANs. Rather, they are becoming systems in themselves, providing scale and functionality that is simply not feasible with copper-based Ethernet, including those linked by routers.

Download Full Optical Ethernet Seminar Report and PPT