NEMS Technology PPT | NanoElectroMechanical Systems

This PPT presents an overview of NEMS technology. Download this NEMS ppt for seminar presentation and study. We have already uploaded the NEMS seminar report. Visit the link to download the NEMS seminar report and documents on NEMS. 
Nano-Electro-Mechanical system (NEMS) is the integration of mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, and electronics on a common silicon substrate. The Nanomechanical components are fabricated using a compatible “micromachining” process. NEMS is the enabling technology allowing the development of smart products. The main contents of NEMS ppt are benefits of Nano-machines, Fabrication of NEMS device, Advantages, and Applications of NEMS.
Nano-systems have the enabling capability and potential similar to those of nano-processors. Since NEMS is a nascent and synergistic technology, many new applications will emerge, expanding the markets beyond that which is currently identified or known. 

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