Ready Mix Concrete Seminar Report | PDF

Ready Mix Concrete Seminar Report PDF. The Seminar report discusses the properties, advantages and disadvantages and applications of Ready Mix Concrete. Ready-Mix Concrete is a type of concrete that is manufactured in a factory or batching plant, according to a set recipe, and then delivered to a worksite, by truck-mounted transit mixers. This results in a precise mixture, allowing specialty concrete mixtures to be developed and implemented on construction sites. Download the seminar report for Civil Engineering.
The first ready-mix factory was built in the 1930s, but the industry did not begin to expand significantly until the 1960s, and it has continued to grow since then.  Ready Mixed Concrete, or RMC as it is popularly called, refers to concrete that is specifically manufactured for delivery to the customer’s construction site in a freshly mixed and plastic or unhardened state. Concrete itself is a mixture of Portland cement, water and aggregates comprising sand and gravel or crushed stone in traditional work sites, each of these materials is procured separately and mixed in specified proportions at the site to make concrete.
Ready Mix Concrete Seminar Report | PDF
Ready-Mix Concrete is bought and sold by volume-usually expressed in cubic meters RMC can be custom-made to suit different applications. Ready Mixed Concrete is manufactured by computer-controlled operations and transported and placed at the site using sophisticated equipment and methods. RMC assures its customer's numerous benefits. The growth of RMC is predominantly driven by demand from the metro cities. RMC is particularly used when building activity is located in congested sites where small space is available for sitting the mixer and for stockpiling of aggregates and for the construction of high rise building.
The seminar report studies the recent trend, use of Ready-Mix Concrete, different manufacturing companies, a thorough survey on these companies, lab reports showing the comparison of strength gain of various companies and consumers of Ready-Mix Concrete as well as presents the cost comparison between various Ready-Mix Concrete manufacturer companies of the different compressive strength of concrete.

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