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What is Black Money?

Black Money refers to that money that is not the completely valid asset of the proprietor. It is normally received in terms of cash from economic activities. i.e. Individuals who received it must hide it, spend it for the fulfillment of their needs. According to the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) defines- “Black Money is the aggregate of incomes which are taxable but not reported to authorities.”

Black Money Seminar Report

In the present era, the trouble of black money has come into the vanguard of society with the active participation of our adolescents and parliament. the principal goal of this seminar report is to recognize the existing fame of black money in India & its future challenges. inside the context of present popularity, it includes sources from wherein black money is generated and its uses in India at one of a kind levels. This seminar report represents the framework, policy options, and techniques that Indian executives. need to adapt to ad with this difficulty and also describes the future demanding situations to be confronted by way of govt. in this context. It also studies one of the main motives in the back of the generation of black money i.e. corruption.
black money seminar report
It suggests as much as to what extent, corruption results in its generation which has an enormous effect on numerous sections of the society. At last but not least, the conclusion of this seminar report is supplied representing the ongoing difficulty of black money in our country and its future path of motion. optimistically, this would contribute to an informed technique in this trouble as we move ahead in this context. 

There are many reasons behind it but the basic reason is the “Use of BLACK MONEY” to a large extent in our country. In Ancient times the ways to generate money, as well as its usage, was very transparent i.e. everyone knew the sources of money and its application, which may be referred to as WHITE MONEY. So, in the past, White Money was in use but now the color of Indian money has changed to Black. 

The black money seminar report presents the elements of black money and its courting with coverage and administrative measures in India. The seminar report also displays the coverage and strategies that the government has been pursuing within the context of the latest initiatives, or need to absorb in the close to future, a good way to cope with the difficulty of black money and corruption in public lifestyles. 

There is no question that black money has a sizeable impact on the social, economic, and political tiers of our lives which has a sizable impact on the establishments of governance and behavior of public coverage in India

So we can't say that India is a poor nation. In reality, India is amongst the richest nations if stashed black money is brought lower back & transformed to white cash, and the fresh generation of black money is positioned to a cease.

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