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Electromagnetic Engine Seminar Report

Abstract: Increasing fuel prices and pollution are the major demerits of Internal Combustion (IC) engines. Also presently the demand for fuel has increased and in the nearby future, a shortage of fossil fuels is being expected due to the ever-growing consumption. So the need for alternative energy has become necessary. The main aim of the project is zero-point fuel consumption. The working principle of the engine is the magnetic force principle, i.e. magnetic repulsion between the same poles of two different magnets. When similar poles of two different magnets come in contact with each other they repel each other. This phenomenon of repulsion is used in this engine to create motion.

Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine Seminar Report

Abstract: Business has been looking to end its dependency on Oil. Oil supplies are dwindling, the demand is increasing along with the cost. The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine, for which Sekou holds the patent, can replace the Combustion Engine; it does not use any fossil fuels. The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine can replace the Combustion Engine in any vehicle, eliminating the fuel cost. 

The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine can replace the Combustion Engine in an engine-generator, creating green renewable electricity. The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine has a low operating cost with a 110,000 hour or 12-year maintenance cycle. The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine can end the need for fossil fuels in transportation and electricity production for homes and businesses.

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