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Laser Beam Machining Seminar Report

Laser beam machining (LBM) is one of the foremost widely used thermal energy-based non-contact kind advanced machining methods that may be applied for nearly a whole variety of materials. ray of light is focused on melting and vaporizing the unwanted material from the parent material. it's appropriate for geometrically advanced profile cutting and creating miniature holes in flat solid. Among the varied sort of lasers used for machining in industries, greenhouse emission, and Nd: YAG lasers square measure most established. In recent years, researchers have explored a variety of ways to enhance the LBM method performance by analyzing the various factors that have an effect on the standard characteristics.
Laser Beam Machining Seminar Report

The experimental and theoretical studies show that method performance will be improved significantly by the correct choice of optical device parameters, material parameters, and operative parameters. This seminar report reviews the analysis work administered thus far within the space of LBM of various materials and shapes. The Seminar Report discusses the experimental and theoretical studies of LBM to enhance the method performance. many modeling and improvement techniques for the determination of optimum ray of the light cutting condition are critically examined. The last part of this seminar report discusses the LBM developments and descriptions of the trend for future analysis.

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