Face Recognition Automatic Attendance System | Seminar Report

Download seminar report on Automatic Attendance System Using Face Recognition. Here we present you three seminar reports on Face Recognition Automatic Attendance System.

Seminar Report: Automatic Attendance System Using Face Recognition


Taking Attendance manually is a very tedious job and wastes a lot of time too. The existing biometric attendance also wastes a lot of time as it is not automatic and also requires the involvement of the students too. The work described aims at automating the whole process. The camera installed will take a picture of the whole classroom, followed by detecting individual faces in the image, recognizing the students, and then updating their attendance. The image will be captured twice-once at the beginning of the class and once at the end to ensure that the student has attended the whole class. 

Seminar Report: An Automated Student Attendance Making System Using Face Recognition

The uniqueness or individuality of an individual is his face. In this project face of an individual is used for the purpose of attendance making automatically. Attendance of the student is very important for every college, university, and school. Conventional methodology for taking attendance is by calling the name or roll number of the student and the attendance is recorded. Time consumption for this purpose is an important point of concern. Assume that the duration for one subject is around 60 minutes or 1-hour & to record attendance takes 5 to 10 minutes. 

For every tutor, this is a consumption of time. To stay away from these losses, an automatic process is used in this project which is based on image processing. In this project face detection and face recognition is used. Face detection is used to locate the position of the face region and face recognition is used for marking the understudy’s attendance. The database of all the students in the class is stored and when the face of the individual student matches with one of the faces stored in the database then the attendance is recorded

Automatic Attendance Using Face Recognition 

In this paper, Initially, a video clip of the classroom is taken and is stored in the database, the video is converted to images, then apply the face detection techniques to detect the faces and then features extraction is done by Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Local Binary Pattern algorithm. In this paper, a method for a student attendance system in the classroom using face recognition technique by using Discrete Wavelet Transforms and Discrete Cosine Transform to extract the features of student’s face which are followed by use of Radial Basis Function for classifying the facial components. In this paper, the proposed system describes a method like when he enters the classroom and marks the attendance by extracting the image using the Personal Component Analysis algorithm. The system will mark the attendance of the student and it will maintain a log of each student of each subject and also generates a pdf report of the student attendance. Using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol the report will be sent to the faculty and also to the parents.