Free Space Optics (FSO) Seminar Report | PDF

Free Space Optics (FSO) PDF Seminar Report

FSO involves the optical transmission of voice, video, and data using air as the medium of transmission. FSO provides point-to-point transmission of communication information through the atmosphere using the Optical signals as the carrier frequencies. It has drawn attention in the telecommunication industry, due to its cost-effectiveness – easy installation, the quick establishment of communication links especially in the disaster management scenario, high bandwidth provisioning, and wide range of applications. The range of frequencies where it operates makes FSO communication free from licensing. With FSO communication, maximum data transfer rates up to 2.5 Gbps are possible, unlike the maximum data transfer rates of 622Mbps offered by RF communication systems.
Free Space Optics PDF

A Free Space Optical transmission system is a wireless form of connection designed for the interconnection of two points that have a direct line of sight. The systems operate by taking a standard data or telecommunications signal, converting it into a digital format, and transmitting it through free space. The carrier used for the transmission of this signal is Infrared and is generated by either high-power LED or laser diode. The basic principles for the transmission of a signal along a fiber are the same as for transmission through free space.

Content of Free Space Optics (FSO) PDF Seminar Report

The seminar report explains the following topics
  1. What is a Free Space Optical Transmission System? 
  2. Why FSO is needed? 
  3. FSO Network Applications
  4. Free Space Optics (FSO): Challenges
  5. Security aspects of Free Space Optics (FSO) 
  6. FSO Architectures
  7. The key drivers for FSO

Free space optics (FSO) provides a low-cost, rapidly deployable method of gaining access to the fiber optic backbone. FSO technology not only delivers fiber-quality connections, but it also provides the lowest cost transmission capacity in the broadband industry.