Ambient Intelligence AmI Seminar Report [PDF]

Abstract: Ambient Intelligence aims to enhance the way people interact with their environment to promote safety and to enrich their lives. A Smart Home is one such system but the idea extends to hospitals, public transport, factories, and other environments. The achievement of Ambient Intelligence largely depends on the technology deployed (sensors and devices interconnected through networks) as well as on the intelligence of the software used for decision-making.
Ambient Intelligence seminar report
The aims of this seminar report are to describe the characteristics of systems with Ambient Intelligence, to provide examples of their applications and to highlight the challenges that lie ahead, especially for the Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering communities.  In particular, we address system specification and verification for the former and knowledge acquisition from the vast amount of data collected for the latter.

Ambient Intelligence (AmI)

Ambient Intelligence builds on three recent key technologies: Ubiquitous Computing, Ubiquitous Communication, and Intelligent User Interfaces – some of these concepts are barely a decade old and this reflects on the focus of current implementations of AmI. Ubiquitous Computing means integration of microprocessors into everyday objects like furniture, clothing, white goods, toys, even paint. Ubiquitous Communication enables these objects to communicate with each other and the user by means of ad-hoc and wireless networking. An Intelligent User Interface enables the inhabitants of the AmI environment to control and interact with the environment in a natural (voice, gestures) and personalized way (preferences, context).

Contents of Ambient Intelligence seminar report

  • Ubiquitous computing and communication
  • Intelligent User Interfaces
  • Smart Home
  • Other Environments and Applications for AmI
  • AmI System Flow 
  • The flow of Information in AmI Scenarios such as:
    • Smart Home
    • Hospital room, where a patient is monitored for health and security reasons
    • Underground station equipped with location sensors to track the location of each unit in real-time
    • School, where students are monitored on balancing their learning experience
    • Fire Brigade has to act then the environment
    • Production Line
    • Public Surveillance
  • Present Scenario
  • Future Scope
  • Conclusions
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