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Big Data: IEEE Seminar Topics for CSE

Big data is data sets that are so voluminous and complex that traditional data processing application software is inadequate to deal with them. Big data challenges include capturing data, data storage, data analysis, search, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy. It is one of the hot topics in every field of studies.
Big Data IEEE Seminar Topics
Big data systems are helping people to learn and improve how organizations analyze and interpret information and use those interpretations to make better decisions. Here we have given some of the IEEE seminar topics which may help students to learn more about Big Data.

Big Data – Concepts, Analytics, Architecture

We have entered the big data era. Organizations are capturing, storing, and analyzing data that has high volume, velocity, and variety and comes from a variety of new sources, including social media, machines, log files, video, text, image, RFID, and GPS. These sources have strained the capabilities of traditional relational database management systems and spawned a host of new technologies, approaches, and platforms. Big Data (BD) is associated with a new generation of technologies and architectures which can harness the value of extremely large volumes of very varied data through real-time processing and analysis. Download PDF

Big Data and Its Challenges

Big Data is still a maturing and evolving discipline. Big data databases and files have scaled beyond the capacities and capabilities of commercial database management systems. Structured representations become a bottleneck to efficient data storage and retrieval. Download PDF

Applicability of Big Data Techniques to Smart Home

This paper presents the main foundations of Big Data deployment in smart homes. The proposed architecture can be applied to different smart cities applications. We describe multiple objectives of smart cities based on big data analysis. Download PDF

Data-driven Government

Data-driven government is based on the collecting of data by the government using IoT devices, surveys, social media and so on, and the subsequent use of algorithms and data analytics to process them for supporting policy-making or for ((semi-)automated) operational decision-making. Thereafter the results are used for making decisions or developing policies. This, in turn, has an impact on society. Download PDF

Big Data: The Futuristic Promising Savoir

Big Data displays a pivotal role in Personalization of things whether in Marketing, Healthcare, Purchase, Social Networks which help in better understanding of the customer behaviors, their likes, choices and accordingly there future prediction is made by analyzing upon their present data. Big Data is future to the IT sector. No field can fully escape from it. Big Data promises to be an everlasting career of the society and when analyzed properly it will defiantly change every bit of our life by changing our traditional way of living to the modern Smart Life. Download PDF

Big Data and Public Health Systems: Issues and Opportunities

This paper reviews the main features of the European public health system model and the corresponding healthcare and management-related information systems, the challenges that these health systems are currently facing, and the possible contributions of Big Data solutions to this field. To that end, the authors share their professional experience on the Spanish public health system and review the existing literature related to this topic. Download PDF

A Scenario on Big Data

This paper discusses the potential of Big Data to make the application more comprehensive and flexible to operate as it includes internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and data mining to understand for define purpose to led better future. Download PDF

Emerging Technologies: IoT, Big Data, and CPS with Sensory Systems

This collection of studies is focused on a three-legged stand in which now is focused on the research community: the internet of things (IoT), the cyber-physical systems (CPS), and the data-driven knowledge extraction based on big data. Download PDF