Digital Marketing Communication: Seminar Report [PDF]

The development of the Internet, especially mobile Internet made a great impact on business and customers behavior. It offers a new way to create, publish and search for information. Together with the development of mobile Internet and its use in companies, marketing activities, including also marketing communication, started to be conducted with the help of this new medium. 
The personal experience of individual consumers who have and use some product or service is more reliable in the opinion of many consumers than, advertising, research results, or marking products with various symbols denoting (good quality, safety). Since this is a very important and contemporary phenomenon it is recommended that further research to study this phenomenon would be appropriate

Seminar Report on Digital Marketing Communication

Abstract: This paper is an overview of current trends in digital communication. Digital marketing and its tools (online advertising, online video and interactive television advertising, mobile marketing, buzz marketing, websites, and social media) are perfect for communication with all stakeholders, and at the first place with customers. These days the main challenge of companies and digital marketing communication is being noticed. 

Digital technologies match traditional communication and media channels, besides that, they span the marketing mix. Accordingly, digital communication becomes a significant element of marketing communication. Companies can hardly gain profit without getting noticed, especially if the target audience is young people that are digital natives. The originality of this seminar report is its focus on new trends in digital communication and their impact on companies' processes to explore how a strategic adoption of digital communication tools can influence creating strategies and action plans.