IEEE Seminar Topics for CSE: Android System [Download PDF]

Android Related IEEE Seminar Topics for CSE

As of 2019, Android is the world’s most popular mobile OS developed by Google. From Smart TVs, phones and watches to cars, Android can customize your digital life with a specialized user interface. It is rapidly embraced by the makers of the smart things for the Internet of things. Additionally, by providing the infrastructure that combines dedicated hardware and dedicated applications running on regular Android, Google has opened up the platform for its use in a large segment of various modern industries. Here we have listed some of the research papers which are based on the latest innovative use of Android. Download the PDFs for study and get ideas to draft your seminar report on IEEE seminar topics.
IEEE Seminar Topics for CSE Android System

Greendroid: Energy Efficient Mobile Application Processor Using Android System

This report describes Greendroid, a research prototype of a mobile application processor which will reduce power consumption in smartphones. Green Droid will provide many specialized processors targeting key portions of android based smartphone. Greendroid will reduce power consumption for these codes by making use of special computing cores known as conservation cores. Download PDF Greendroid PPT

Android-based Security Lock System with Password Reconfigurable Option using Bluetooth and Microcontroller

The paper demonstrates the motive of designing this tool is to provide greater secured multilevel protections and password reconfigure Options Using PAN (Personal Area Network) protocol gadgets like Bluetooth and Microcontroller. Download PDF

Android-Based Boarding House Management Information System

Android-Based Boarding House Management Information System can be a solution for boarding house owner by using an android mobile application in processes such as facilities, rooms, tenants data, and recording bills. Download PDF

REAPER: Real-time App Analysis for Augmenting the Android Permission System

In this paper author present Reaper, a novel dynamic analysis system that traces the permissions requested by android apps in real time and distinguishes those requested by the app’s core functionality from those requested by third-party libraries linked with the app. Download PDF

Detection of Plant Disease Using Feature Extraction for Android-Based System

In this paper, an intelligent system is proposed for the diagnosis of the plant diseases in the early stages. The proposed system suggests that the advanced approach is a worth, which can distinctly support an accurate diagnosis of fruit diseases in a minor computational effort. It also dedicates future study on automatically estimating the severity of the disease. Download PDF

Implementation of Children Tracking System on Android Mobile Terminals

This paper focuses on implementing children tracking location system for every child attending school. The proposed tracking devices can be worn as wristwatches, anklets or in I-cards. The child module includes ARDUINO, Global positioning system, Global system for mobile communication and receiver include parents mobile phone. It is also very useful for women safety. Download PDF

Smart Trolley System Based on Android Application

The aim is to develop a Smart Trolley System that can be used in shopping malls. In this project, the customers have to scan the barcode of every product through the use of android mobile which they wish to purchase and drop into the shopping cart and then proceed to check out at the billing counter. This is implemented using an Android application PDF

An Android Based Women Security System

The paper proposed an android application for helping women in threat by sending risk notice to designated contacts. Download PDF

Android Password-Based Remote Door Opener System

In this project, we will explain how to make android password based remote door opener which can be open and closed using the password sent from an android smartphone using Bluetooth. The proposed system can give effective security at a minimal cost. Download PDF

Smart Bus Ticket System using QR Code in Android App

The proposed system on this paper provides web application as well as an android application for the passengers to buy their tickets online. During the travel time, we can get the ticket by entering their location details and make payment. Message alert will be notified to the passenger. By this application, we can minimize the usage of paper (Tickets) and there will not be any problem in getting change. Download PDF

Modern Agriculture Development System Using Android Application

The main objective of this paper is focused on improving agriculture performance through web-based and mobile application. It is mainly used for providing agriculture-related information and solving the problem related to agriculture. Download PDF

Prayog B.E. Android Application-An E-Learning Educational System

The Prayog BE Application for developed in java which mainly focuses on basic operations in a lab like a view practical by using videos, view viva questions, and significance of practicals. By this application, the students can revise theory and practicals before the exam. Download PDF

Emotion Recognition System: An android based visual training system for Autistic children

In this paper, an android/smartphone-based visual training system is proposed which could be a quite effective system for autistic children to help them with their therapies and treatments Download PDF

An Android-based Order Placement System for Restaurants 

A major common problem facing typical ordering systems in restaurants is that customers queue for long hours in restaurants or wait for a long time so that their food can be prepared. In order to solve this problem, a solution that is used for food ordering has been developed and it makes the process of placing orders more efficient for customers, restaurant managers, and chefs. The development applied an Object-Oriented Analysis and Design. Download PDF

Android Applications UI Development Intelligent Tutoring System

The paper describes the design of a web-based intelligent tutoring system for teaching Android Applications Development to students to overcome the difficulties they face. The basic idea of this system is a systematic introduction to the concept of Android Application Development. PDF

Android-based Internet Voting System

The proposed system is expected to provide some benefits for increasing the voting quality and percentage and reducing the time and cost of the voting process. The result achieved was a proposed system architecture and prototype of the Android-based Internet voting system. Download PDF
So, these are some of the latest IEEE seminar topics for CSE on the android systems. The research papers given here are to study and extract ideas for your seminar and computer science projects.