40+ IEEE Papers on Arduino Projects | New Seminar Topics for ECE

Arduino is an open-source hardware and software company, project and user community that designs and manufactures single-board microcontrollers and microcontroller kits for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control both physically and digitally. 
Arduino Projects IEEE Seminar Topics
Arduino is widely popular amongst students from universities, colleges and research institutes in the fields of engineering. Below is the list of Arduino projects with IEEE papers and research journals. These projects are very useful for engineering students to get ideas for their projects and seminar. You can download the PDF for the respective projects.

IEEE Arduino Projects for ECE and CSE Branch 

  1. Developing a Smart Irrigation System Using Arduino (Download PDF)
  2. Bus Tracking System (PDF)
  3. Arduino based smart street light system with accident avoidance in U-turns (PDF)
  4. Advanced Home Automation System Using Raspberry-pi and Arduino (Download PDF)
  5. Intelligent System for Three-Phase Submersible Motor Protection Using Arduino Microcontroller (Download PDF)
  6. Hand Gesture Controlled Robot and Obstacle Avoidance System using Arduino for Cleaning Application (Download PDF)
  7. Implementation of Particle Swarm Optimization for tuning of PID controller in Arduino Nano for Solar MPPT system (Download PDF)
  8. Design and Implementation of Gas Leakage Monitoring Detection Alarm System using Arduino Module (Download PDF)
  9. Intelligent Fire Detection and Visual Guided Evacuation System Using Arduino and GSM (Download PDF)
  10. Development and Manufacturing of Arduino Based Electrochemical Discharge Machine (Download PDF)
  11. Transformer Wireless Monitoring System Using Arduino /XBEE (Download PDF)
  12. Switch On/Off Home Appliances Using Arduino Through Voice Commands (Download PDF)
  13. Architecture For Measurement of Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Display of Scrolling Message on LED Display By Using Bluetooth Interface With Arduino (Download PDF)
  14. Design Of An Arduino -Based Platform Interfaced By Bluetooth Low Energy With Myo Armband For Controlling An Under-actuated Transradial Prosthesis (Download PDF)
  15. Arduino Based Automatic Plant Watering System (Download PDF)
  16. Survey on IOT & Arduino Based Patient Health Monitoring System (Download PDF)
  17. Development of GSM Based Advanced Alert Home Locker Safety Security System Using Arduino UNO (Download PDF)
  18. Smart Home Automation and Security System using Arduino and IOT (Download PDF)
  19. Accelerometer Based Wireless Gesture Controlled Robot for Medical Assistance using Arduino Lilypad (Download PDF)
  20. Automatic LPG Cylinder Booking and Leakage Detection using Arduino UNO (Download PDF)
  21. Implementation of PO MPPT Method Using ARDUINO Controller for a Standalone Solar PV System (Download PDF)
  22. Identification and Control of an Unmanned Ground Vehicle By using Arduino (Download PDF)
  23. An IoT based Patient Health Monitoring System using Arduino Uno (Download PDF
  24. Arduino based six degrees or axis of freedom (6DoF) Robot using LabVIEW (Download PDF)
  25. The design tool of Motor Vehicle Emissions Measurement Devices with Based on Arduino Nano with Android Smartphone Viewer (Download PDF)
  26. Emergency Alert for Women Safety with Location Tracking using Arduino (Download PDF)
  27. Arduino Based Cost Effective CNC Plotter Machine (Download PDF)
  28. Smart Car Monitoring System Using Arduino (Download PDF)
  29. Obstacle Avoidance Robotic Vehicle Using Ultrasonic Sensor, Arduino Controller (Download PDF)
  30. Low-Cost Data Acquisition System Using Arduino and C (Download PDF)
  31. Arduino based Solar Street Lighting (Download PDF)
  32. Atmospheric Monitoring Using Arduino Boards And Low-Cost Sensors (Download PDF)
  33. Sensing Heartbeat and Body Temperature Digitally using Arduino (Download PDF)
  34. Arduino Based Smart Blackboard Wiping System (Download PDF)
  35. Design and Implementation of Arduino Based Three-Phase Inverter (Download PDF)
  36. GSM & DTMF Based Home And Industrial Automation Using Arduino (Download PDF)
  37. Wireless Notice Board Based On Arduino And GSM Technology (Download PDF)
  38. A Virtual Logic Analyzer Implemented with Arduino (Download PDF)
  39. Water Pollution Indicator using Arduino UNO (Download PDF)
  40. Arduino password-based security system (Download PDF)
  41. Real-Time Vehicle Theft Prevention With Safety Measures Using Arduino (Download PDF)
  42. An Arduino Family Controller and its Interactions via an Intelligent Interface (Download PDF)
  43. Arduino UNO Based Magnetic Field Strength Measurement (Download PDF)
  44. Arduino Based Tomato Ripening Stages Monitoring System (Download PDF)
  45. Design and building a single-phase smart energy meter using Arduino and RF communication system (Download PDF)
  46. Arduino Based Entrance Monitoring System Using RFID And Real-Time Control (Download PDF)