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IoT Seminar Topics

Internet of things is a network of objects mainly supported by electronic devices and electronic components such as sensors and electronic cards. These objects can be physical and virtual devices, sensors, or actuators. Internet-of-Things (IoT) is one of the subjects which is rapidly gaining attention among engineering students. In many application areas such as healthcare, transportation, and smart spaces IoT is being implemented.
IOT Seminar Topics IEEE Journals
IoT includes various disciplines such as electronics, communication, and data science to provide ubiquitous connectivity and shared knowledge of objects for a better service. Keeping these all in mind we have listed 40 best seminar topics and journals for Computer Science Engineering CSE branch students. Download the papers to get ideas for your IEEE seminar topics.

IEEE Seminar Topics on IoT

Emerging Technologies: IoT Big Data, and CPS with Sensory Systems (PDF)
Internet of Things (IoT) based Low Power Wireless Technologies (PDF)
Internet of Things (IoT) and its Applications in Smart Agriculture (Download PDF)
IoT Based Water Quality Monitoring System (Download PDF)
Smart aquaponics system based Internet of Things (Journal)
Foundations and Evolution of Modern Computing Paradigms: Cloud, IoT, Edge, and Fog (IEEE paper)
Proposed Cryptographic Approach for Securing IoT Device (PDF)
Smart Home Automation and Security System using Arduino and IOT (PDF)
SPLIT: Smart Protocol Loading for the IoT (PDF)
IoT Approaches for Distributed Computing (Download PDF)
Cloud-Fog Interoperability in IoT-enabled Healthcare Solutions (Download PDF)
Multi-Domain Access Rights Composition in Federated IoT Platforms (PDF)
UniverSense: IoT Device Pairing through Heterogeneous Sensing Signals (PDF)
A Lightweight Three-Factor User Authentication Protocol for the Information Perception of IoT (PDF)
Implementation of M2M Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Oriented to Its use in Smart Cities Supported by IoT (PDF)
Smart Garbage Collection Monitoring Systems (PDF)
IoT Based RO Water Monitoring System (PDF)
IoT Based Data Logger System for Weather Monitoring (PDF)
Voice & Touch-Based Dynamic Bus Navigation System Based on Zigbee, IoT & Android (PDF)
Proactive Accident Avoidance System Using IOT (PDF)
Investigation of Communication Sensing schemes for secure data transfer in the IoT environment (PDF)
Solar power monitoring system using IoT (PDF)
IOT Based Underground Cable Fault Detector (PDF)

Thermal Comfort for the Classroom Environment using IoT (PDF)
IOT Based Smart System for Controlling Co2 Emission (PDF)
Internet of Things for Health Care (PDF)
Improving Security in the Internet of Things (IoT) with SDN (Download PDF)
IoT (Internet Of Things) Security (PDF)
A new approach using an IoT robot to oversight the smart-home environment (Download)
Exploring How Privacy and Security Factor into IoT Device Purchase Behavior (Download PDF)
Analysis of Performance and Energy Consumption of Wearable Devices and Mobile Gateways in IoT Applications (Download PDF)
IoT Enabled Smart-Home (Download PDF)
The Green Internet of Things (G-IoT) (PDF)
Waste Management System Based On IoT (PDF)
AIDE: Augmented Onboarding of IoT Devices at Ease (Download PDF)
Proximity Detection with Single-Antenna IoT Devices (PDF)
Machine-Learning Based IoT Data Caching (Download PDF)
Design principles for cyber risk impact assessment from the Internet of Things (IoT) (PDF)
Rapid Internet Of Things (IoT) Prototype For Accurate People Counting Towards Energy Efficient Buildings (Download PDF)
IOT Approach for Monitoring Water Quality Using MQTT(Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) Algorithm (Download PDF)
Wireless Sensor Network Application for IoT based HealthCare System (PDF)
Improvement and Enhancement in Emergency Medical Services using IOT (PDF)
Smart Water Monitoring System using IoT (PDF)
IOT Based Smart Garden Monitoring System (PDF)

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