IEEE Seminar Topics for CSE on Distributed System

Distributed Computer System

A distributed computer system consists of multiple software components are located on different networked computers, which run as a single system by communicating with one another in order to achieve a common goal. The computers that are in a distributed system can be physically close together and connected by a local network, or they can be geographically distant and connected by a wide area network. A distributed system can consist of any number of possible configurations, such as mainframes, personal computers, workstations, minicomputers, and so on. 
Distributed System IEEE Seminar Topics

Distributed System IEEE Seminar Topics for CSE

Here we have provided IEEE research papers on Distributed System and free Journals for IEEE seminar topics for CSE, Computer Science. Download PDFs to study and get ideas for your seminar topics.

Wireless Ad-hoc Distributed File System (Download PDF)
Security Framework for Distributed Database System (Download PDF)
Distributed Files Sharing Management: A File Sharing Application Using Distributed Computing Concepts (PDF)
Solar Power Plant with Distributed System of PV Panels (Download PDF)
The Distributed Computing Model Based on The Capabilities of The Internet (PDF)
Analyzing the Impact of Operating System Activity of different Linux Distributions in a Distributed Environment (Download PDF)
Fuzzy Based Grid Voltage Synchronization For Distributed Generated System (Download PDF)
Crowdlicit: A System for Conducting Distributed End-User Elicitation and Identification Studies (Download PDF)

Optimal allocation of distributed generation for a hybrid system using Particle Swarm Optimization (Download PDF)
A High-Performance Distributed Relational Database System for Scalable OLAP Processing (Download PDF)
RFDIDS: Radio Frequency-based Distributed Intrusion Detection System for the Power Grid (Download PDF)
Distributed Intrusion Detection System for Cognitive Radio Networks Based on Weighted Fair Queuing Algorithm (Download PDF)
The Evolution of the Hadoop Distributed File (Download PDF)
Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing For Ensuring Effective And Flexible Distributed System (Download PDF)
Introduction To Query Processing And Optimization In Distributed Database System (Download PDF)
A New Collaborative Trust Enhanced Security Model for Distributed System (Download PDF)
Inferring and Asserting Distributed System Invariants (Download PDF)