IEEE Seminar Topics on Deep Learning | Download PDF

Deep learning is a branch of machine learning based on a set of algorithms that attempt to model high-level abstractions in data. It is a new area of Machine Learning research, which has been presented with the goal of drawing Machine Learning nearer to one of its unique objective, Artificial Intelligence. 
Deep Learning IEEE Seminar Topics
We have listed IEEE topics which presents the applications of deep learning techniques in various fields. This article will provide IEEE seminar topic ideas for CSE, Computer Science and Engineering students on Deep Learning on selected fields like image processing, data analytics, speech recognition, etc. Over the last few years, deep artificial neural networks have gotten the most attention in computer science, especially in pattern recognition, machine vision, and machine learning. 

IEEE Seminar Topics

Deep Learning (Download PDF)
An Extensive Survey on Deep Learning Applications (Download PDF)
A Brief Introduction to Deep Learning (Download PPT/PDF)
Deep Learning based Computer Vision: A Review (Download PDF)
A Quick Review of Deep Learning in Facial Expression (Download PDF)
Deep Active Learning for Short-Text Classification (Download PDF)
Deep Learning for Predictions in Emerging Currency Markets (Download PDF)
Deep Learning for Compilers (Download PDF)
Deep Learning for Intelligent Transportation (Download PDF)
Impact of Deep Learning in Big Data Analytics (Download PDF)
Deep Learning Website Fingerprinting Features (PDF)
WiDeep: WiFi-based Accurate and Robust Indoor Localization System using Deep Learning (PDF)
A comprehensive deep learning approach to end-to-end language identification (PDF)
Smart Library: Identifying Books on Library Shelves using Supervised Deep Learning for Scene Text Reading (PDF)
Visual Tracking Utilizing Object Concept From Deep Learning Network (Download PDF)
Plant Leaf Disease Detection using Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Network (PDF)
A New Semantic Attribute Deep Learning with a Linguistic Attribute Hierarchy for Spam Detection (Download PDF)
A Deep Learning Approach to Understanding Cloud Service Level Agreements (Download PDF)
Deep Structured Learning for Facial Expression Intensity Estimation (Download PDF)
A Deep Reinforcement Learning Network for Traffic Light Cycle Control (Download PDF)

Three Classes of Deep Learning Architectures and Their Applications (Download PDF)
Convolutional Networks and Applications in Vision (Download PDF)
A Systematic Literature Review on Features of Deep Learning in Big Data Analytics (Download PDF)
Development of Control System for Fruit Classification Based on Convolutional Neural Network (Download PDF)
Discrete Deep Learning for Fast Content-Aware Recommendation (Download PDF)
Machine Translation Using Deep Learning: A Survey (Download PDF)
Travel Behavior Classification: An Approach with Social Network and Deep Learning (Download PDF)
Deep Learning For Joint Source-channel Coding Of Text (PDF)
DeepHit: A Deep Learning Approach to Survival Analysis with Competing Risks (Download PDF)
An End-to-End Deep Learning Architecture for Graph Classification (Download PDF)
Learning To Share: Simultaneous Parameterizing And Sparsification In Deep Learning (Download PDF)
Deep Inductive Network Representation Learning (Download PDF)
A Deep Model with Local Surrogate Loss for General Cost-sensitive Multi-label Learning (Download PDF)
Deep Learning for Remote Sensing Scene Classification: A Simple and High-Performance Architecture (Download PDF)
Perception-Action-Learning System for Mobile Social-Service Robots using Deep Learning (Download PDF)
A GPU deep learning metaheuristic based model for time series forecasting (Download PDF)
Deep learning with geodesic moments for 3D shape classification (Download PDF)
Deep learning based action recognition with application to dogs (Download PDF)
A deep learning-based approach to material removal rate prediction in polishing (PDF)