IEEE Seminar Topics for CSE: Artificial Neural Network [Download]

Here we have listed some of the IEEE seminar topics for CSE, Computer Engineering students to study. An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is an arithmetical model that is motivated by the organization and/or functional features of biological neural networks. 
Artificial Neural Network Image by vectorjuice on Freepik

A neural network contains an interrelated set of artificial neurons, and it processes information using a connectionist form to computation. As a general rule, an ANN is an adaptive system that adjusts its structure based on external or internal information that runs through the network during the learning process. ANN has been applied in numerous applications with considerable attainment.

IEEE Seminar Topics for CSE: Artificial Neural Network

Predicting Student Performance Using Artificial Neural Network (PDF)
Artificial Neural Network-Based Path Planning of Excavator Arm (Download PDF)
Artificial Neural Network for Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder (Download PDF)
Prediction of Hourly Cooling Energy Consumption of Educational Buildings Using Artificial Neural Network (PDF)
An Innovative Approach for Study of Thermal Behavior of an Unsteady Nanofluid Squeezing Flow between Two Parallel Plates Utilizing Artificial Neural Network (Download PDF)
A Model for English to Urdu and Hindi Machine Translation System using Translation Rules and Artificial Neural Network (Download PDF)
A survey on rainfall forecasting using the artificial neural network (Download PDF)
Face Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks (Download PDF)
ANN Based Modeling for Performance and Exhaust Emission of DI Diesel Engine using Emulsified Diesel Fuel (PDF)
Estimation of Evaporation in Hilly Area by Using ANN and Canfis System-Based Models (PDF)
Stock Market Prediction using ANN (PDF)
Review for Face Detection Methods Used in ANN (Download PDF)
Fingerprint-Based Gender Classification Using Artificial Neural Network (PDF)