40+ IEEE Seminar Topics for CSE on Cloud Computing | Download

Cloud Computing: IEEE Seminar Topics for CSE 

Cloud Computing is the revolution in current generation IT enterprise. Cloud computing displaces database and application software to the large data centers, where the management of services and data may not be predictable, whereas the conventional solutions, for IT services are under proper logical, physical and personal controls.
cloud computing seminar topics IEEE
This aspect attribute, however, comprises different security challenges that have not been well understood. Here we have listed research topics with PDF journals on various topics of Cloud Computing. Select and study these journals and get ideas for your Computer Engineering CSE seminar.

IEEE Topics on Cloud Computing and Security | Download PDF Journals

  1. An Introduction to Cloud Computing (PDF)
  2. Evolution of Cloud Computing (Download PDF)
  3. A Survey of Cloud Computing (Download PDF)
  4. Cloud Computing for Rural Development (Download PDF)
  5. Impact of Agriculture Areas Using Cloud Computing (Download PDF)
  6. Foundations and Evolution of Modern Computing Paradigms: Cloud, IoT, Edge, and Fog (IEEE paper)
  7. The Calculus of Cloud Computing (PDF)
  8. Security Issues in Cloud Computing (PDF)
  9. Study on Cloud Storage and its Issues in Cloud Computing (PDF)
  10. Improving Database Security in Cloud Computing (PDF)
  11. Cloud Computing Challenges in a General Perspective (PDF)
  12. Cloud Computing of E-commerce (PDF)
  13. Reliable Data Distribution Services in Cloud Computing (Download PDF)
  14. Efficient Mobile Cloud Computing through Computation Offloading (PDF)
  15. Evolving Cryptographic Approach for Enhancing Security of Resource-Constrained Mobile Device Outsourced Data in Cloud Computing (PDF)
  16. Environmental Benefits of Enhanced Hecc-Elgamal Cryptosystem for Security in Cloud Data Storage Using Soft Computing Techniques (PDF)
  17. Comparison of Fog Computing Cloud Computing (PDF)
  18. Agent-Based Information Security Framework for Hybrid Cloud Computing (PDF)
  19. An Analysis and Survey of Security Techniques for Cloud Computing (Download PDF)
  20. Integration of Cloud Computing with Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Telecom Sector A Case Study (PDF)
  21. A Survey on Cloud Computing and Hybrid Cloud (Download PDF)
  22. Recent Advances in Cloud-Aware Mobile Fog Computing (Download PDF)
  23. Distributed Scheme To Authenticate Data Storage Security In Cloud Computing (PDF)
  24. A Taxonomy of Virtualization Security Issues in Cloud Computing Environments (Download PDF)
  25. Measuring Information Security and Cybersecurity on Private Cloud Computing (PDF)
  26. Preserving security using crisscross AES and FCFS scheduling in cloud computing (Download PDF)
  27. The Proposed Model to Increase Security of Sensitive Data in Cloud Computing (PDF)
  28. Impact Aspects Of It Flexibility Specific To Cloud Computing Adoption On IT Effectiveness (Download PDF)
  29. Fog Computing: An Efficient Platform for Cloud-resource Management (PDF)
  30. Privacy-Preserving Ranked Keyword Search Over Cloud Computing (Download PDF)
  31. Cloud Computing Infrastructure for Academic Libraries (Download PDF)
  32. An Efficient Virtual Machine Intrusion Detection System on Cloud Computing (PDF)
  33. A Comparative Study of Fault Tolerance Techniques in Cloud Computing (PDF)
  34. Recent Advances in Mobile Cloud Computing (Download PDF)
  35. A Study on E-Learning and Cloud Computing (Download PDF)
  36. E-Blood Bank Application Using Cloud Computing (PDF)
  37. Smart Green House using IOT and Cloud Computing (PDF)
  38. Optimizing Power Consumption in Cloud Computing based on Optimization and Predictive Analysis (PDF)
  39. Cloud Computing and SaaS (ERP) Implementation (PDF)
  40. Biometric Authentication using SaaS in Cloud Computing (Download PDF)
  41. Review on Scheduling in Cloud Computing (PDF)
  42. Survey on Mobile Cloud Computing: Applications, Techniques, and Issues (PDF)
  43. Highly Secure Virtual Identity Approach in Cloud Computing Environment (PDF)
  44. A Review on different load balancing Algorithm in cloud computing (Download PDF)