Flying Cars Seminar Report PDF [2020]

Flying Cars Concept

A flying car is envisioned to be an aircraft that can be used as a dual purpose for traveling on-road as well as in the air. A flying car should look like a car, not a helicopter, although the main rotor and tail rotor concept is taken from a helicopter it doesn’t need any runway to fly. 
Flying Cars Seminar Report 2020
The flying cars must be lightweight to move efficiently through the air, cars must be strong and dense to survive impacts. Cars must be small to minimize air resistance. The flying car typically resembles a conventional car with no visible means of propulsion. It has a unique concept by using two guarded propellers for lifting cars in a vertical direction. Guarded propellers are different from normal propellers as propellers are covered by a hollow steel plate.

Flying Cars Seminar Report 

Flying Cars are also known as personal air vehicles (PAV), hovercars, roadable aircraft, and vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOLs). Flying cars have featured heavily in science fiction writing and films for many years, however, the idea, of actually building such a vehicle only came into fruition at the start of the twentieth century. The design was somewhat unsuccessful and therefore research was discontinued. The flying car seminar report is intended to summarize the literature review carried out in the context of flying car design. It outlines the main features and works done in this field to gain a relevant and comprehensive background. The main aim of the seminar report is to create a flying car design concept and a flying prototype and system for transport infrastructure. Therefore, all the information contained in the given seminar reports has the purpose of setting the initial design requirements as well as looking at the feasibility of the production of such a vehicle.

The flying cars seminar report is primarily concerned with the design and manufacture of a flying car and the problem of traffic management in the world today. A possible solution to this problem would be to design a flying or hovering car which will take the problem away from the overcrowded roads. Given technological advances in aircraft construction, navigation, and operation; flying cars or personal aircraft is not only a possibility but a necessity for the future. The feasibility and viability of such a concept were investigated in terms of producing a conceptual design for a two-person carrying flying vehicle, manufacturing prototype, ground, and in-flight testing.