Top 10 Latest Seminar Topics for Computer Science

In this modern era, it seems like everything is constantly changing and getting better around us. Keeping updated yourself is a need nowadays, the reason is pretty simple, technology is evolving rapidly. That's why Seminar topics for CSE must be selected from trending technologies. We have listed the top 10 trending technologies in computer science that CSE students should learn in 2020. There are a number of such technologies that have already made their eminent mark in 2019 and are only a few steps away from becoming mainstream applications.
Latest Seminar Topics for Computer Science CSE 2020

Top 10 Latest Seminar Topics for Computer Science in 2020

These are the latest seminar topics for computer science that we have listed as the upcoming and latest technology that would become trending by the year 2020. Take a closer look at the seminar topics that are likely to bring significant innovation growth next year and in the upcoming decade.
  1. Quantum Computing
  2. Voice Technology
  3. Blockchain
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  6. Internet of Things (IoT)
  7. Neuromorphic computing/Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)
  8. Analytics
  9. Automation
  10. 5G Technology

Quantum Computing

This is one of the best seminar topics for CSE. In October 2019, Google announced that it has reached quantum supremacy by carrying out a specific calculation that would take even the best classical supercomputer 10,000 years to complete. Quantum supremacy has long been seen as a milestone because it proves that quantum computers can outperform classical computers. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Rigetti Computing, and IBM all made important advances in 2019 that could help to realize the full vision of quantum computing. Right now quantum computers are used mostly in research. It would be a great topic for computer science engineering students to study and learn more. Download Seminar Report and Quantum Computing PPT

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has been continuing to take its place in the list of top seminar topics for Computer Science CSE and likely will continue to take one of the top spots in the coming decade. In 2020 also, we have listed AI as it has been one of the most fascinating seminar topics for students. Because of the enormous increase in computing power and data, AI capabilities have been possible. The greater the data an AI has, the faster it would be able to learn and the more precise it becomes.
IEEE Seminar Topics for CSE on AI: Download PDF

Voice Technology

In 2019, we have already experienced technologies like Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri in conducting everyday tasks, still, the applications have remained very limited. But the scope that voice technology has set for itself, has placed Voice-based applications in the list of top technology trends for 2020. With the rapid growth of IoT, we will be conducting more operations with a voice command. This subject is one of the best seminar topics for CSE and must be studied along with Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. In the coming, two to three years voice-based applications will find a greater place in users’ everyday activities. Download Speech Recognition Technology Seminar Report and PPT

Blockchain Technology

By the year 2019, Blockchain technology has only been implemented in a few different industries but it has proven to provide a secure underlying framework to many aspects of our digital lives. By 2020 the world will see the mass adoption of blockchain technology in various domains like healthcare, banking, education, real estate, etc. 
Download Blockchain Seminar Report 
IEEE Seminar Topics for CSE on Blockchain | Download PDF

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality is one of the best seminar topics for computer science in 2020. Technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality (AR/VR/MR), robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are already enhancing various domains from medical to education and training. The next generation of students is going to benefit from these emerging technologies and innovations that are being incorporated into the classroom. Whatever your interest might be, AR and VR are must-have skills for the coming years.

Internet of Things (IoT)

By 2019, there are already a lot of devices, but the IoT is only getting started. Unlocking the full potential of IoT devices has been the apex goal for computer engineers for years. The major challenge to IoT’s growth is less than real-time data access, limited bandwidth, and outdated operating systems which will be faced in 2020. The technologies such as Cloud computing, Edge Computing, 5G wireless technology, real-time operating system (RTOS) could empower the IoT with real-time communications for autonomous cars, home automation systems, and smart cities. These all individual seminar topics should be focused on by the students. 

Neuromorphic computing/Brain-Computer Interface (BCI)

Neuromorphic computing means building machines that can mimic the function of the human brain in both hardware and software and it is going to excel in the year 2020. Intel, Samsung, and IBM are already developing their neuromorphic systems. By linking the brain with today’s hardware, BCIs have the potential to super-charge human evolution to its next stage. In 2020, we might see human trials which will further boost the computer engineers to explore the increasing number of ways to physically connect humans to the computer.


Analytics are playing an increasingly important role in the growth and measurement of companies across the world. While the present time is that of Predictive Analysis, from the year 2020 onwards the world will see a growth of Prescriptive Analysis will help businesses in a much different way. With the rapid growth of cloud computing, IoT, and big data analytics tools utilizing machine learning will be needed to a far greater extent than currently implemented. 


At present, Automation is not only limited to its involvement in the production lines. Automation will be adopted by a lot more complex, decision-making tasks in the coming years. It ultimately means a combination of technologies like cloud computing, updated robotics, big data. With the rise of Industry 4.0 automation is likely to be one of the best seminar topics for CSE to study. In 2019, the trend of bots and machine learning has shot up, automation technology like RPA will become an invaluable skill for CSE students.

5G Technology

In 2020, the fifth generation of the wireless network will be ready to get implemented across the world and it will become a driving factor in wireless technology growth. 5G will bring with it benefits such as high internet speed, lower latency, and higher capacities which would make it possible for driverless cars and wireless VR to work with minimal technical hesitancies.

Besides these trending technologies, these are a few more technologies to watch out for in the coming year which are best suitable for the latest seminar topics for CSE, and investing your time and effort into learning will be a great decision in 2020.
  • Intelligent Apps (I – Apps): Chatbots, Virtual Assistants, etc.
  • Angular and React to create a highly modular web app
  • Cloud Computing, Edge Computing
  • Facial Recognition