CFD: Mechanical Engineering Seminar Topics | Journals

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is one of the most quickly emerging fields in applied sciences. CFD is the analysis of systems involving fluid flow, heat transfer, and associated phenomena such as chemical reactions by means of computer-based simulation. 
CFD mechanical engineering
The technique is very powerful and spans a wide range of industrial and non-industrial application areas. The ultimate aim of developments in the CFD field is to provide a capability comparable with other CAE (computer-aided engineering) tools such as stress analysis codes. Here we have listed some journals for mechanical engineering students. You can download the papers and prepare for seminar topics related to CFD.

CFD Seminar Topics (Download PDF)

Transonic Turbulent Flow Around An Aerofoil Using CFD (Download)
Cost and Weight Analysis of Automobile Mufflers using Computational Fluid Dynamics (PDF)
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Based Modeling of Fluidized Bed Gasifier (PDF)
Integrated simulation of active noise cancellation using a computational fluid dynamics approach (PDF)
Aerodynamic Analysis on Double Wedge Airfoil at Different Mach Numbers with Varying Angle of Attacks Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (PDF)
CFD Investigation of Air-Gas Pre Mixing Controller Mixer Designed for CNG-Diesel Dual-Fuel Engines (Download)
CFD Analysis of Thermoelectric Generators Performance under Solar Photovoltaic-Thermal (PVT) System (Download)
Thermal Environment Analysis of a Scientific Laboratory using Computational Fluid Dynamics (PDF)
Flow Coefficient Prediction of a Bottom Load Ball Valve using CFD (PDF)
Analysis of Injection Pressure and High Ambient Density of Biodiesel Spray using Computational Fluid Dynamics (PDF)
Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of Shear Thinning Fluid (Drilling Fluid) Viscosity Models in an Open Venturi Channel (PDF)
Experimental prototype of silo-dryer-aerator of grains using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) system (PDF)