Precast Concrete Construction Technology Seminar Report (PDF)

Precast Construction Technology

Precast Construction Technology is a system of casting concrete in a reusable mold or “form” which is then treated in a controlled environment, conveyed to the construction site and lifted to the place. Precast Construction Technology consists of various precast elements such as walls, beams, slabs, columns, staircase, landing, and some customized elements that are standardized and designed for stability, durability, and structural integrity of the building.
Precast Construction Technology
Precast residential building construction involves the design, strategic yard planning, lifting, handling, and transportation of precast elements. This technology is suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings resisting seismic and wind-induced lateral loads along with gravity loads. The building framing is planned in such a way that a maximum number of repetitions of molds is obtained. These elements are cast in a controlled factory condition. The factory is developed at or near the site which provides an economical solution in terms of storage and transportation.

Seminar Report on Precast Concrete Construction Technology 

Download PDF papers to study and prepare the seminar report on precast concrete construction technology. The main advantages of precast technology are quality, speed of construction and value for money products. To avoid labor shortages, time delays, and deliver quality products, developers and builders are now adopting precast technology.