Plasma Therapy Treatment for Severe COVID-19 Patients (PDF)

Plasma Therapy to Treat Coronavirus Patients

COVID-19 is currently a big threat to global health. The novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) outbreak has created a sense of panic globally and has the medical community rapidly searching for treatments. An estimated 3 million individuals have already been infected with nearly 200,000 deaths attributed to the disease. The incidence of COVID-19 patients still shows no sign of diminishing. Now is the time to prepare for the protracted war ahead. Hence we need to find a specific treatment measure against COVID-19. Regrettably, however, no definite treatment has been available yet. Nevertheless, various treatments, including old and new antiviral agents, are currently being investigated. 
plasma therapy treatment for covid19
On April,23 In India, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said in his press briefing on plasma therapy for critical COVID-19 patients. He said that out of 4  critically ill patients, 2 have been administered the plasma treatment. AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria also informed that the use of convalescent plasma therapy to treat COVID-19 patients has started at various centers in the country. Convalescent plasma therapy gives us a lot of hope, but there are challenges to overcome. In the implementation, thorough ethical verification is required, and donor selection criteria should be strictly enforced. And it needs further extensive research to see if it really works. 

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In this article, we have given links to some free access PDF articles which propose therapeutic plasma exchange and its effectiveness as a possible treatment for severe COVID-19 Patients. Download the documents to know more about this novel treatment approach to the novel coronavirus.

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