Bike Design | Mechanical Engineering Seminar Topics [Journals]

Download PDF journals, IEEE Papers, and seminar reports for various seminar topics on Bike Design. The seminar topics are ideal for mechanical engineering students, designers, and bike enthusiasts interested in taking seminars on the bike and automotive design.  
bike design seminar topics
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Mechanical Engineering Seminar Topics on Bike Design | IEEE | Journals | PDF

Design of a New High-end Street Bike (PDF)
Design and Fabrication of Treadmill Bicycle (PDF)
Advanced Bike Security System (PDF)
Implementation of Accelerometer Sensor and GPS Module for Smart Bike Design (PDF)
A study to prevent theft of the bike design and analysis (PDF)
A simulation-optimization approach to design efficient systems of bike-sharing (Download PDF)
Material and Design Optimization for an Aluminum Bike Frame (Download)
Literature Review on Electric Bike (PDF)
Solar Hybrid Bike using Range Extended Electric Vehicle (PDF)
Design of the Electrical Drive for the High-Pressure GDI Injector in a 500cc Motorbike Engine (PDF)
Conceptual design and prototype of ergonomic back-leaning posture support for motorbike riders (PDF)
Design of Stability Control Motorbike with Abs and Crash Location Sensing (PDF)
Optimal Design of Honeycomb Material Used to Mitigate Head Impact (PDF)
Indoor pass-by noise engineering: a motorbike application case (PDF)
Modeling and Control of a Motorbike (Download Thesis)
In-field experimental stress analysis in the elastic and plastic fields on motorbike handlebar clamped joints (PDF)
Design of Urban Transit Rowing Bike (UTRB) [Download]
Catalyzing Anti Theft Bike, Bike Parking and Information Design for the 21st Century (Download Full Text)
Analysis of Helical Spring used in Rear Suspension of Various Motorbikes (PDF)
Study on lubrication effect on motorbike chain transmissions (PDF)
The Potential of Physiological Analysis Using Electromyography in the Design of Motorcycles (PDF)
Reflective Optics Design for an LED High Beam Headlamp of Motorbikes (PDF)
A multidimensional approach to the generation of helmets’ design criteria (PDF)
Design and Development of Motorized Accident Prevention Tool Using Ultrasonic Sensor Based on Arduino Uno (PDF)
Design of a Road Simulator for Motorcycle Applications (Download PDF)
Design of a Speed Assistant to Minimize the Driver Stress (Download PDF)
Engineering Concepts in Industrial Product Design With A Case Study of Bicycle Design (Download Dissertation)