Civil Engineering: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic | Seminar Topics

Civil Engineering and COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has become a global crisis now, as of July 2020. It is evolving at high speed and scale. This outbreak has spread to 213 countries and territories and caused around 700,000 deaths. The development of the coronavirus outbreak has resulted in the closure of several major cities in the world to country-wide lockdown starting in March-April. With the limited movement and activities, a large population is still under lockdown. As a labor-intensive industry the civil engineering and construction sector is one of the worst affected. Already this industry has long been regarded as an industry full of risks and uncertainties. 
impact of coronavirus pandemic on civil and construction engineering
The construction supply chain was significantly disrupted, and the closure of the construction site has put additional pressure on the contractors. Enhanced focus on worker safety and increased cost pressure have presented completely new and exceptional challenges, leaving many firms battling to survive. However, after some relaxation from the government, the construction industry is gradually coming back into the track. New work patterns are emerging with more safety measures and contractors are seeking work extensions. Here we have listed a few articles and PDF documents that discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the construction and civil engineering sector and the post-pandemic scenarios. It is suggested to the students from civil and construction engineering to study these articles and documents to better understand the new challenges that have been arising in this pandemic period.

Impact on Civil Engineering due to Coronavirus Pandemic 2020 (Seminar Topics)

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Waste Management during Coronavirus Pandemic (Seminar Topics)

Solid Waste Management in India Under COVID19 Pandemic: Challenges and Solutions (PDF)
The COVID-19 pandemic: Considerations for the waste and wastewater services sector (PDF)
Challenges, opportunities, and innovations for effective solid waste management during and post COVID-19 pandemic (Download PDF)
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