Solar Tree Seminar Topics: IEEE | PDF Journals (Download)

Solar Tree, also known as Solar Power Tree is an innovative way of producing solar energy in less area with maximum output. It uses a number of solar panels that form the shape of a tree. The panels are arranged in a tall pole with branches. The solar tree produces additional power than a conventional flat display of solar cells. It requires most effectively 1% of land in comparison to the conventional flat arrangement. Download the PDF journals to study and prepare a seminar report on solar tree.
solar tree pdf seminar topics

Concept of Solar Power Tree

Concept of Solar Power Tree (PDF)
Solar Tree: A Source of Energy (Download)
Review on Solar Tree: An Epic Source of Energy (PDF Journal)
Nano Leaves: A Path To Sustainable Future (Download Journal)
Solar Tree Project (IEEE Journal)
Economic Electrification Using Solar tree (PDF Journal)
Solar Power Tree for Power Generation (Download PDF)

Solar Tree-Working Principle, Arrangements (Download PDF)

Smart Solar Tree Lightning (PDF)

Design and Development of a Solar Tree

Design and Development of a Solar Tree (PDF)
The idea to Design a Solar Tree Using Nanowire Solar Cells (Download PDF)
Design and Development of Solar Tree for Domestic Applications (Download PDF)
Design and Implementation of Solar Tree (PDF)
Design of Solar Tree with Photovoltaic Panels using Fibonacci Pattern (Download PDF)
Solar Power Tree: An Artistic Design (PDF)
Artificial Solar Tree Design (PDF)
Design and Implementation of ON-Grid Solar Tree (Download PDF)
SOLAR TREE – An artistic design to arrange Solar Panels
Development of Solar Power Tree – An Innovation that Uses Up Very Less Land and Yet Generates much more Energy from the Sun Rays by Silicon-crystalline Photo-Voltaic (SPV) Method (Download Journal)

Benefits and Applications of Solar Tree

The Benefits and Applications of Solar Tree with Natural Beauty of Trees (Download Journal)
  1. Reduced Air pollution due to the use of more Solar Trees.
  2. 5 times less Land needed for each MW and the Space below the Tree can be used for Green House Cultivations in larger capacities.
  3. Tree can be used for e-Learning using its WiFi Network and Digital Screens.
  4. Space under the tree can be used as Outdoor Conferencing and Virtual Training in Rural Areas for Adults etc
  5. Space below the Tree can also be used for Open Air Cybercafe as well as Tea/Coffee Cafe.
  6. It can be installed in any place thus more beneficial.
  7. Users can generate substantial revenue due to Green Advertising possibilities.
  8. Party Plots can use this Power Thus promoting green culture in day to day life.
  9. Public places like Hospitals/ Malls/Corporate Campuses/Train & Bus Stations can use this for Public convenience & Digital Advertising Revenues.
  10. All the Parking Space can be converted as Solar Parking Shed thus No need to waste money for Parking sheds etc. It can also be used for charging electric cars.