Seminar Topics for CSE: IoT with Android and Arduino (PDF)

IoT with Android and Arduino Seminar Topics

Arduino based home automation using the Internet of things (IoT) PDF Download
IoT Based Home Automation System Using Arduino Board (PDF)
IoT Based Environmental Monitoring System using Arduino UNO and Thingspeak (PDF)
IBM Project: A cloud-ready temperature sensor with the Arduino Uno and the IBM Watson IoT Platform (PDF 1, PDF 2)
IoT based Temperature and Humidity Controlling using Arduino and Raspberry Pi (Download Journal)
Arduino Based Smart Drip Irrigation System Using the Internet of Things (PDF)
Home Automation using Bluetooth and IOT (Download)
Smart Home Automation Based on IOT and Android Technology (PDF)
IoT Based Home Control And Monitoring System Using Arduino And Android Based Smart Phone (Journal)
iot with android and Arduino seminar topics
Automatic Pet Monitoring and Feeding System Using IoT (PDF)
Automatic Pet Feeder Using Arduino (Download project report)
Phone Controlled Automatic Pet Feeder (PDF)
Automatic Pet Feeder Using Arduino And IoT (PDF)
Smart Dog Feeder Design Using Wireless Communication, MQTT and Android Client (Download)
Internet of Things: Ubiquitous Home Control and Monitoring System using Android based Smart Phone (Full-Text Journal)
Integrated IOT based design and Android operated Multi-purpose Field Surveillance Robot for Military Use (Full Report)
IOT Based Power Monitoring System and Control using Arduino, Raspberry pi, Android app (PDF)
Water Quality Monitoring System Based on IOT using Arduino model (PDF)
Internet of Things with Arduino Blueprints: Develop interactive Arduino-based Internet projects
with Ethernet and Wi-Fi (PDF)

Links for Projects and Books for IoT with Android and Arduino Topics

Internet of Things with Android and Arduino: IoT Arduino project (Link)
Interesting Arduino IoT projects (Link)
Arduino Projects for the Internet of Things (Download Free Books)