Latest Trending Seminar Topics on IoT (PDF Download)

Street Lighting System using IoT Seminar Topics

  1. Automated street lighting system using IoT (PDF)
  2. Smart Street Lighting System using IoT (PDF)
  3. An Automation System for Controlling Streetlights and Monitoring Objects Using Arduino (PDF)
  4. IoT-Based Smart Street Light System (project)
  5. Automatic Street Lights On/Off Application Using IoT (PDF Download)
  6. Internet of Things Based Intelligent Street Lighting System for Smart City (Download PDF)
  7. IoT Based Street Light Monitoring System (Download)
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IoT Topics 2021

Smart Building Using IoT & PIR Seminar Topics and Project

  1. Smart Building Using PIR Sensor (Project report DOC word file)
  2. Smart Buildings: Integrated Resource Optimization Using Sensor Network (Download PDF)
  3. IoT Based Smart Lighting System using PIR Sensors, Arduino Uno and Thingspeakcloud + ChatBot and Dashboard to Monitor Home Remotely (Download Journal)
  4. IoT Frame-work For Energy Efficient Smart Building (PDF)
  5. Automatic Room Lights using Arduino and PIR Sensor (Project)
  6. PIR and IR Sensor-Based Smart Home Automation System Using IOT for Energy Saving Applications (PDF)

Smart Water Monitoring System using IoT Seminar Topics

  1. Smart Water Monitoring System Using IOT at Home (PDF)
  2. Water Quality Monitoring System Based on IOT (Download)
  3. Smart Water Monitoring System using IoT
  4. Smart Water Quality Monitoring System Using Iot Environment (PDF)
  5. Smart Tank Water Monitoring System using IOT Cloud Server at Home/Office (PDF)

IoT for Gardens Seminar Topics

  1. Smart Garden Monitoring System Using IOT (PDF)
  2. Terrace Garden Monitoring System Using Wireless (Download PDF)
  3. IoT Based Smart Home Garden Watering System Using Raspberry Pi 3 (PDF)
  4. IoT based Terrace Gardening System using LoRa (Long Range) Technology (Journal)
  5. IoT-Based Intelligent Green Houses (IGH) using Lo-Ra Technology (Report)
  6. IoT Based Smart Garden Monitoring System (PDF)
  7. Smart aquaponics system based Internet of Things (Journal)
  8. Smart Garden Management System (PDF)
  9. Smart Terrace Gardening With Intelligent Roof Control Algorithm for Water Conservation (PDF)

IoT in Agriculture: Seminar Topics

IoT in Action: Design and Implementation of a Building Evacuation Service (PDF)
IoT based system for a person with a physical disability (PDF)
An IoT-Based Intelligent Wound Monitoring System (IEEE paper)

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