Automotive Chassis Design: Mechanical Engineering Seminar Topics

The Chassis is an important part of an automobile. The automotive chassis serves as a framework for supporting the body and different parts of the automobile on which the entire body of the vehicle is built. The entire external load of the vehicle including its self-weight is on the chassis. Thus the chassis design and its analysis form the most important part of the vehicle manufacturing. To design a chassis of the vehicle which gives the most appropriate desired results is the most tedious task. The chassis has the most complex design and it also doesn’t have a proper loading pattern and thus its design and analysis is complex.

Automotive Chassis Design Seminar Topics

Below are various seminar topics on automotive chassis design which is an important stage of vehicle production. The research papers for preparing seminar reports describe some important information for showing development in vehicle production. Many vehicles properties are strictly connected with the chassis or frame. Download the articles, journals on various seminar topics to learn chassis or frames on which dynamic properties and static or geometric parameters of the vehicle depends.

Automotive chassis design, IIT Delhi (PDF)

Design of a Formula Student race car chassis (Download Report)

Basic tips in vehicle chassis and frame design (Download Full Report)

Structural Analysis of Automotive Chassis Frame and Design Modification for Weight Reduction (PDF)

Analysis and Design of Vehicle Chassis and its Materials (PDF)

Design and Durability Analysis of Ladder Chassis Frame (Download)

Design and Analysis of a Tubular Space Frame Chassis for FSAE Application (Download)

Design and Analysis of Automotive Chassis Frame Using Finite Element Method (PDF)

Design and Analysis of Automotive Chassis Considering Cross-section and Material (PDF)

Exomars Rover Chassis Analysis & Design (PDF)

Design, Analysis and Testing of a Formula SAE Car Chassis (Download PDF)

Design, Analysis and Fabricate Solar Car Chasis and Body (Race Type) PDF

Design and Evaluation of Two-wheeled Balancing Robot Chassis (Download Report)

Design and Analysis of Steering and Lifting Mechanisms for Forestry Vehicle Chassis (Download Research Paper)

Structure Design and Bearing Capacity Analysis for Crawler Chassis of Rice Combine Harvester (PDF)

Design and Construction of a Space-frame Chassis (PDF Research Paper)

Design and Analysis of Truck Chassis Frame (PDF Report)

Design and Analysis of Heavy Commercial Vehicle Chassis Through Material Optimization (Download)

Structural Design and Optimization of Commercial Vehicles Chassis under Multiple Load Cases and Constraints (Download PDF paper)