Photonics in Space: Seminar Report PDF and PPT


Photonics involves the proper use of light as a tool for the benefit of humans. It is derived from the root word “photon”, which connotes the tiniest entity of light analogous to an electron in electricity. The term photonics developed as an outgrowth of the first practical semiconductor light emitters invented in the early 1960s and optical fibres developed in the 1970s. Photonics has a broad range of scientific and technological applications that are practically limitless and include medical diagnostics, organic synthesis, communications, as well as fusion energy. This will enhance the quality of life in many areas such as communications and information technology, advanced manufacturing, defence, health, medicine, and energy. The signal transmission methods used in wireless photonic systems are digital baseband and RoF (Radio-over-Fiber) optical communication. Microwave photonics is considered to be one of the emerging research fields.

Abstract: Photonics in Space

Photonics could potentially be a key technology in the emerging market of laser space communications, with unique performance characteristics. It may enable new bandwidth-hungry applications and significantly boost the space communications industry downstream. 
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The use of photonic technologies for space applications has risen the problem related to the ability of optoelectronic and optic components to withstand the space environment as all optoelectronic and optic components come from terrestrial applications. Therefore, the development of photonic technologies for space applications has made the selection and acceptance test criteria of all optoelectronic and optic components that are part of the photonic system imperative. 

Photonics in Space Applications

The most promising space applications include, as examples, space-based Lidar systems, telescopes for deep-space observation, planetary missions, optical sensors for earth observation and health structure monitoring, avionic sub-systems, laser communication terminals, high capacity optical inter-satellite links for mega constellations, Terabit optical feeder links, high-speed intra-satellite optical interconnects for VHTS, quantum optical communication systems, space-based optical interferometers for the detection of gravitational waves, power systems.

Photonics Seminar Report 

Photonics is rapidly transforming into an enabling space technology with the potential to cross-fertilize multiple markets in the space domain. In the seminar report, the most recent applications of photonics components are studied and discussed. Another paper for seminar report describes an assessment related to the reliability of several photonics technologies to be used in space applications together with the critical requirements to be considered for associated environmental testing.

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