Ferrock: Civil Engineering Seminar Report, Project PDF, and PPT


The name Ferrock represents its composition – largely iron-rich ferrous rock. Ferrock, an innovative iron-based binding compound, presents a carbon-negative alternative to cement that utilizes a variety of waste streams to produce a versatile building material. Cement is the most prominent material being used in construction that emits approximately 6-8% of the total carbon dioxide in the world during its production which is the major constituent of global warming.  It’s been estimated that for every 1000 Kg of cement we produce, around 900 Kg of CO2 is emitted into the environment. 
ferrock green concrete civil engineering
This proposes to evaluate the ability of Ferrock to be used as one of the best possible substitutes and a stronger, more flexible, and greener alternative to concrete. In this article, we have listed a few documents to study the properties of ferrock that make it an environment-friendly emerging construction material. Civil Engineering students can take Ferrock as an interesting seminar topic and as a final year civil engineering project. 

Ferrock Seminar Report and Project Papers

Ferrock: A Carbon Negative Sustainable Concrete (Download Report)
Evaluation of Ferrock: A greener substitute to cement (PDF)
Development of Carbon Negative Concrete By Using Ferrock (Full Report)
Ferrock: A Life-Cycle Comparison to Ordinary Portland Cement (Download Full Report)
Investigation on Ferrock based mortar: An environment-friendly concrete (Download PDF)
Compressive strength study of green concrete by using Ferrock (Download)
Ferrock PPT for Civil Engineering Seminar