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Smart Trolley

A shopping trolley is a necessary tool for shopping in supermarkets or grocery stores. The various items are purchase in a shopping mall or markets with help of a shopping trolley. It is known to be an inconvenience and time-wasting for customers who are in rush to search for desired products in a supermarket. Therefore, an automatic human and line following shopping trolley with a smart shopping system are developed to solve these problems. 
Smart Trolley project seminar report
The smart trolleys designs will consist mainly of an RFID reader, LCD display, and ZigBee transmitter. A smart trolley using a smartphone and Arduino is also mentioned in the list of seminar reports and IEEE papers. With these smart systems, there is no need for the customer to wait in the queue for the scanning of the product items for billing purposes. Let's go through the list of topics that light up a new way of shopping for the fast world out there.

Smart Trolley Seminar Reports, IEEE Papers, Journals

Smart Trolley using Smart Phone and Arduino (Download PDF)
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RFID Based Smart Trolley Using IoT (Seminar Report)
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Electronic Shopping Trolley For Mega Shopping Mall (PDF Journal)
RFID and GSM Based Smart Trolley (PDF)
Design and Implementation of Smart Trolley for Automatic Billing System (Download)
Intelligent Trolley for Automatic Billing (Full Report Download)
MIFARE: A New Technique for Smart Shopping Cart (PDF)
Smart Shopping Trolley Using Rechargeable Smart Card (PDF Report)
Smart Trolley using Accelerometer and Omni Wheels (Download)

Smart Trolley Project Reports

Automatic Human Guided Shopping Trolley with Smart Shopping System (Download PDF)